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GMA 900 Solution  

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So, GMA 900 is old, I realize many people cant and dont want to put the time in to solve this problem. But having to use a paperclip or any other soldering or use of an adapter, these methods have got to stop.


So, how can we solve this. If someone could explain to me what needs to be done,and why this problem has been lasting so long



All in all, i just feel after looking at all these posts, that a VERY large amount of people are having this problem and i think that it could be solved. I dont know how to code but i know my basics, and it seems that it cant be too big of a thing to change with the drivers.


So what needs to be done. COME ON !!!

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I'm sorry. GMA900 is old. Apple didn't start with GMA900, they started with GMA950 IIRC. It's unlikely that you'll ever have a solution. The adapter is easy enough and it works.


If you have a desktop machine, I suggest either upgrading the motherboard or videocard. Laptops that use GMA900 should be quite old by now, getting closer to the date when they'll need battery replacements.


I've been stuck with old hardware too for a long time. Still, it's better that people working on OSX86 focus on the future and more important problems.

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So the GMA 900 driver in Tiger, where did that come from? Is that a community effort?


Mine is a mini barebone desktop so the board cannot be upgraded :)


EDIT: Ah, found it, the GMA 900 driver in Tiger is created by Apple in the very early developer transition kit DVD.

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