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Audio issue (yes ive searched but soltions that should work dont)


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First off, thanks for this awesome site and guide for the DS3 board posted by Mtotho! I have osx running nearly perfect in a tri boot of vista and xp. However the best way i could do this is to have leopard on its own disk and vista/xp on one. When I tried all on same disk, I could not boot into windows just some fyi


My setup is a


msi 8800gt 512

4gig 800mhz ram

ds3l mb


However, I am unable to get sound to work, which is a slight bummer. I tried the method in the guide many times (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=83689) and while the speaker icon can go up and down incrementally, the sound is not present. I did plug in the HD speaker wire as opposed to the AC'97 one.<br /><br />Any suggestions on what the issue may be? Thanks!

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