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Toshiba Satellite M55 laptop


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Tried to install KalyWay DVD. Worked fine the first (okay, after try number 6, and eith3er stuck at the Apple logo, or the "eek!" blue screen), then got the 0b error code.


(I did get to install Leopard - went to System Settings and noticed my Wifi and ETH0 were not there. So I figuered I'd reboot and see if it detected them...)


Tried all the possible ways to repair the MBR issue, then got HFS+ Partition error...


Blew off the partitions and retried to install KalyWay again, this time using the -v switch (after it looped about 5x) and the error it fails on is this


"ERROR: FireWire unable to determine security-mode; defaulting to full-secure." then reboot.

Tried no options, and vanilla boots.


The only upgrades this machine has is a 160GB PATA drive a 1GB of RAM, as opposed to the OEM 80GB drive and 512 of RAM.


Any ideas?

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