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Best method for dual booting OSX + XP

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Well i've come to understand that my two choices are:


1.) Dual booting from seperate hard drives


2.) Buying a large hard drive, partitioning it for Leo and XP and booting from that


I understand that dual booting in general on a hackintosh (Unless you use virtualization of some sort) is difficult. I'd settle for virtualization but I really need the full strength of a real boot because I need XP for 3D games such as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.


Can somebody please tell me which is easier of the two methods listed above, and point me towards some tutorials? I've read up on the Chain0 method, seems a little complicated for me but yeah. I don't want to use Grub because I don't want to install Linux.


If only boot camp worked :D


Thanks in advance.

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