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Realtek Audio like muted?


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Hello Guys ;)

i'm very new in using Mac OS but it's GREAT! I want to use it for music productions.


I have one problem: In my pc there is a Realtek OnBoard sound card. But it doesn't have any sound, when i try to play a song e.g. in itunes.


I can move the volume knob and the soundcard is listed correctly in the system preferences. Itunes plays songs correctly too, but i can't hear anything.. :)


I think the realtek onboard has a AC97 chip, right? I tried to load the AC97AudioIntelICH kernel extension, its now loaded correctly, but nevertheless there is no sound.. :)


At the Audio & MIDI section in the system preferences i can choose only a 2CH "HD Audio Output" (the HD Audio Output is like in windows, so correct). But the card has a 5.1 system..


Can you help me with it?


Thanks really much and please excuse my bad english.. :P






I even found the problem. The sound is played only on one channel of the soundcard. So the sound was played in the front channel, but my amplifier is plugged into another channel.


How can i set my card to a 5.1 system?

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