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B0 Error on Installation


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Hi everyone!


I'm trying to install Mac OS Kalyway in the same hard drive of Windows XP.


I hace a primary partition por XP (C:), a primary partition for MAC OS (55Gb) and an extended partition for Data (Fat32)


I was able to install 10.5.1 but it made my second partition bootable and Windows XP Disappeared. I booted up with Gparted Live CD and sed XP's partition active but i got a "B0 ERROR" code. I also tried to set C: active using Mac console, booting with DVD and with command: fdisk -e/dev/rdisk0

flah 1



Same problem.


In order to restore my Windows y tried a fdsik /mbr with a dos disk, my windows works, so i decided to put chain0 on C: and edit boot.ini.


After restarting and choosing Mac OS X to boot it shows an "HFS+ Filesystem Error" and doesn't work (Windows works fine...)


What i'm doing wrong? How can i made a dual boot XP an Kalyway?


I'm using a P5B motherboard, 2Gb Ram, Core 2 Duo E6400, HD SATA 320Gb and DVD SATA LG.


Thanks !!!

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