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Wireless MN-520 & WPC54GV2


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I own a toshiba satellite 1905-s301, OSX 10.4.3, and I can't get myMN-520 or my Linksys wmpc54gsV2 to work.


I've installed IOXperts 802.11 that is supposed to support the MN-520 and it wont start saying "You cannot open IOXperts 802.11 preferences on this computer pane..." and even though my pcmcia card recognizes the card completely by name "Microsoft Wireless Notebook Adapter MN-520,"

It wont let me use it as a wireless card.


Does anyone have any ideas?



PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND WITH "Go to ebay and buy a new wireless card..." or "get a new computer... der der" Otherwise I'd just buy a whole new system from apple. Which I have no money for either.wacko.gif


Thank youwink_anim.gif

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