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windows partitions not showing in mac


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right here goes,


i just recently purchased a new mac with this set up in mind.


i wanted to set my mac up to read n right to drives from both os so i set up like this


i made 1 250gb nfts partition which i just use in windows anyway which is a primary partition, then i split the rest up into 5 logical fat 32 drives so i could open edit and save from both os, the 1st 4 are named "hd1 prod" "hd2 prod" and so on, and the 5th partition i made is just a general mac pc swap partition, however when i boot into mac os i can only see the nfts partition and not the 5 fat 32 ones. is this because its a logical partition instead of a primary one? or have i done something wrong


any help would be greatly appreciated



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