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Help with Dell Inspiron E1705

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Ok I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 that i bought back in June 06..right before all the new fangled hardware came out (core 2 etc)


Got Lepoard running on it iATKOS install


Currently no sound or wireless, but I do have ethernet working, so i share the connection from my desktop running vista and using a netgear usb card for wireless...surprisingly i'm having a stable connection today, but usually it drops out every so often.


My soundcard is the Sound Blaster Audigy HD Audio or something along those lines...

My wireless is the Intel 3945


My first question, is there a working driver for the SB Audigy card? I've looked around, but haven't found anything.

I've already bought a cheep usb sound card that supposedly works with lep, still waiting for it to come in, but i'd much rather have my onboard card working


The other question is about the wireless card

I know that there is a group working on getting that card working with leopard, but i am an impatient man


I remember reading somewhere that there was a dell wireless card that worked with lep off the bat, but i can't seem to find which one it was

If anyone can tell me any cheep internal or even usb wireless cards that will work with lep i'd greatley appreciate it



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