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Audio, now deciding not to work.


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can anyone explain my once working audio, now not working after installing brazilmacs kexts. I installed brazil macs post install kexts after updating to 10.5.2. Everything is running perfect.. but now audio is not working (which i anticipated.. it overwrit my alcinject). so i thought, no big deal.. i will just reinstall the installer made custom for my board (p5wdh,alc882). this also did not work. I even found an alcinject and hda audio meant specially for my board.. replaced those kexts (with kext helper and manually) and still no luck. In system preferences, it shows HD audio output.. when it should be, Line in, Headphones, and Digital. (the hd audio output does not work).


Anyone have any ideas? is there any kexts involved in audio other than the AppleHDA and ALCinject? It may be important to note that after installing the kexts manually or via the package installer.. when i restart it does NOT saying updating boot cache. IDK if that is the reason why though.

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