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Everything Installed (Windows Working, OSX Working) Now how to dual boot both


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Hello everyone, i have finally got my fix of both OS. I have Windows Vista and OS X installed on different partitions with a time machine partition also! I finally got this to work by installing Vista first and then installing OS X with mbr and using Kalyway. Anyway here is my problem


In order to boot with windows i have to set the partition active and the same goes for OS X. I want there to be a nice menu so i dont have to keep doing this everytime i want to switch. I've tried using EasyBCD and copying the Chain0 file to the C: root and running those commands in the command prompt and both give me a nice little option to boot either Windows Vista or Leopard. When i choose leopard though i get a "chain booting error" message but Windows works fine. In that case the only way to switch to OS X is to change the partititon. i dont know what else to try....:rolleyes:


here is how my things are partitioned:


Partition 1: Time Machine Backups 45GB

Partition 2: Macintosh HD 70GB

Partition 3: Windows Vista 34GB


any help is appreciated! Im very close!

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