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Leopard with NAS


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Hi all,


After zillion times of re-try on different computers and laptop I have, I finally got OSX Leopard 10.5.1 up and running fine.....well, not that fine in fact.


I run into a problem that I cannot use my NAS as in Windows and Tiger which I installed some months ago.


Leopard sees my shared drives in the NAS, mounted it successfully but it cannot list the files there.

Dropping files in it with Finder will show some sort of error.


Anyone run into something like this? My NAS is a Landisk Pro flashed with the latest Firmware 48b6 but an old boot-loader 0.67.

My Network config is:

1 Vista/Linux + 1 Vista/XP/OSX [That's the problem] + 1 XP/Linux (laptop, wireless). The NAS is connected with a Gigabit switch, which in turn connect back to the wireless router. The 2 desktops are connected to the switch too.



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