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Verifying DMI, iATKOS, FAT32 Wierdness...


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First post, since I've been using the search function a lot.... ;)


I've a question for all you clever people out there... I've installed iAtkos many times over the last week, I finally think I have a handle on what I'm doing. System is GA-G33-DS2R, Q6600, 2Gb of Ram, 320GB SataII disk, X1600 512MB. OSX86 is the only OS on this machine....


I've had quite a few successful installation experiments, however the "Verifying DMI Data pool...." hang at start-up thing kept popping up. If I go through the install procedure, and the partiton I want to install to is HFS+ already, I erase it and do a clean install, I get the "Verifying DMI..." thing and can only boot to hard disk if the DVD is in the drive.


Now for the strange bit. If I use GParted Live CD and format the same partition as FAT32 (it is set to boot in both cases), and then do the exact same procedure as above, I now don't need the DVD and it won't hang at "Verifying DMI...." and everything works sweet.


I stoked I've figured out a sure fire solution, but WHY????? :wacko:

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