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Vanilla or Patched Kalyway 10.5.2 Kernel...?


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Well I tried both.


In both cases my 8 cores come up as one 1 cpu and 7 cores.


My ram comes up as 533mhz and it's 667mhz...


Bus 100mhz (cpus bus is 1333mhz)...


Is this because I'm running Intel Xeon 5400 series procs?



Tyan s5397

Quamondo 8gb 667mhz FB-Dimms

Intel Xeon E5420 Qty. 2

8800GT 512mb Pci-Gen 2.0

1 Kilo PC Cooling PS

Alienware 4U rackmount case

10 hot swap Sata II drive bays

8 500gb Seagate

1 500gb Seagate

1 150gb WD Raptor

-been testing install on 320gb Seagate

Dvd burner Sata

Sony floppy


I think this could be a really good MacPro...if the bugs can be figured out!





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