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Leopard Install - Button of Death


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Hi altogether,


my first post, and hopefully not the last one. Before I start, thanks to all of you for testing and helping each other out in getting OSX86 up and running on different pc's.


Finally managed to get my Kalyway 10.5.1 dist up and running. Used no Vanilla kernel and apci fix and even left JMicron on. Install was successful and even managed to pass by that welcome loop.

Problems I have are following and a bit mind boggling to me. During the boot process, reaching that grey apple logo the "Welcome Button of Death" appears and suggests strongly to hold down the power on button until the machine switches off. Mobo is working fine, dual 19 inch are working fine, no onboard lan - is one of those attansic ones, might have to replace it with a realtek pci card.

The grafix card is recognized as 2 single 7950gx but only one(the one with the 2 DVI sockets) runs the monitor show.

I boot the box at the moment with -x because otherwise I run, I suppose into a kernel conflict.


Any help to get rid of those little problems will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, keep on posting as I learn by the second more and more. Please apologize if I posted this in the wrong place, as it is my first posting.


Once again, thanks and looking forward for guidance.





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