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stuck Mac osx86 leopard AMD


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i the first instal of leopard, went fine.

i instaled a update for my audio. and instaled msn messenger. at the end i needed to reboot

but when i restarted my pc i would'nt boot anymore.

so i searcht here for an awnser but i have'nt fond it.


i thought lets instal it another time. this time it went allso ok but i would't boot (first time).

i got a "B0 error" very strange,

who can help me ?



my specs:

Msi k9a platinum

Sata 160 g hatachi

AMD athlon 64 3500+

ATI radeon 1600x pro


sorry for my english.


thanks allard

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ok i know the anwser i needed to set the partition active.


but now i have another question?

my internet didn't do it so i instaled a patch or something from this site.

i had to reboot now my boot thing says . invalid system disk.


what to do??




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