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Acronis acting funny - Where's my WinXP?


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After months of OSX86 and winXP running together perfectly and helping others in the community achieving the same I have once again come here to ask a question. I got the following problem:


I installed 10.4.8 [JAS installer w/ SSE2&3] months ago and dualboot using Acronis OS Selector (as mentioned in the guide) with windows XP.


A few weeks ago WinXP disappeared from the Acronis OS Selector menu, luckily I had WinXP on 'autostart' so if I waited 30 secs winxp would still start.


HOWEVER when I tried to fix this by going into acronis os selector properties in windows, I accidentally set OSX to be the default startup OS.


Result: only OSX is displayed in the OS menu, I can't change it back because WinXP is not recognised / listed by Acronis OS selector and I can't get into win XP anymore!!!!


- Does anyone know how to re-add win xp to the acronis menu?


I have roamed around for days on the net searching for a solution but I can't find one!!!! please help, I need to finish a report I have been working onm for 6 months and its on my windows disk, saved in Word 2007 and contains databeses not compatible with mac progs............


Thanks in advance,





{censored} Acronis!

I edited boot.plist like described in the forum and augmented the waiting time for Darwin launcher to start. Am now using the F8 method and the Darwin OS selector screen to boot to win when I need to. Acronis doesn't work well, AND is redundant!

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