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PLEASE HELP // Dell 1250 iATKOS Installation...

Janek Flemyng

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Ive bin trying to install leopord on my laptop for 3 days now and got closer every time, every time i insert the leopord dvd i have to press f12 and select boot from cd/dvd, then press f8 when iATKOS starts up, then i type -v on the installation and loads of writing comes up and then a blue screen comes up then it blacks out, i remove the power cord wait 20 seconds then set a timer for 5 mins then close the lid of my laptop, when the time is up i lift up the lid press a button and the installion screen comes up, i go through the utility disk erase to jounled e.tc e.tc and try to load the darwin then i go to the set up and install, if i customize with all of the options ticked, then i try to boot after it installs i get a black screen then the computer restarts, if i choose the three drivers options the computer starts then says the computer needs to be shut down/restarted i do this again no luck, i got to the setup of the leopord once and it wouldnt let me type in the feilds but would let me click with the mouse/touch pad, another time i got into the leopord setup i couldnt get past the connection screen and the welcome message of MAC OSX 10.5 would come up and start me back at the beggining, When i got into the setup screen i hat to take the wire out and wait for 11 mins then plug it back in like i had to on installtion i think a person called (MAC GIRL ) came up with this


I used these guides to help me get this far...






thanks for reading all that and anyhelp what so ever would be VERY HELPFUL

Computer Spec's


Dell Inspiron 1520

Windows Vista Ulitmate

Intel Celeron Processor (1.86 GHz)

80gb Hardrive

1gb RAM


Thanks for your time and wisdom =)

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