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WinXP+MacOSX+Debian+Fedora Multiboot

Joe Wan

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I installed iATKOS v1.0i on my laptop Dell D620. Partition like:

/dev/sda1 NTFS winXP

/dev/sda2 HFS macOSX

/dev/sda3 NTFS data and working partition for winXP

/dev/sda5 ext3 /boot

/dev/sda6 ext3 debian "/" partition

/dev/sda7 ext3 fedora "/" partition

/dev/sda8 ext3 a volume disk to store some software

/dev/sda9 swap linux swap partition for debian and fedora


I installed "GRUB" boot loader to MBR of my hard drive. I made a try to load macOSX from grub, it worked.

For booting macosx part, configuration like:



root (hd0,1)

chainloader +1




I hope this could help you when you installed so many operation systems.

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