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Kalyway 10.5.1 on ACER desktop


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Hello everyone!


I have successfully installed the Kalyway release of Leopard on my ACER Aspire desktop but there are some issues that I would like to fix... I hope that someone can help me, I apologize for my newbie attitude! :angel:


FYI, each hardware component is working fine (after having installed its driver for some): Realtek audio, Marvell gigabit network, NVIDIA GeForce 8600, USB, etc. which is great!!!


So here is my (short) list of problems:

  1. ACPI management:
    The computer does not shutdown by itself, I have to push the button for a couple of seconds. The "Sleep" function is even worst because I have to unplug the power cable before being able to power on again.
  2. Kernel:
    Despite an Intel Core 2 E6600 CPU, I can not use the "vanilla" kernel, the computer reboots right after the startup... and loops like that. I have checked all the recommended BIOS settings and the only one that I can't manage is the SATA mode: I am stuck with IDE because there is no possibility to set AHCI. Could it be the problem or it is not related because the default kernel works fine? I have no idea of the motherboard make... all I know is the use of an ATI chipset.
  3. Keyboard:
    Is there a way to setup a standard "Windows" USB keyboard to be used under OS X? I have chosen the right layout but some keys are incorrectly assigned...

Thanks in advance for your support!! :P

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