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Gigabyte 965p - Installed, but freezes when loading leopard


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Hi guys,


First off, I would like to say that this forum has been very helpful in trying to learn how to install Leopord into my PC.


I am having one problem however,


I have managed to install the kalyway leopord into my Gigbyte 965p Machine (core2duo E4400), but the problem is that when ever I try to boot the newly installed leopord (take out DVD from drive), it would lock up with a grey screen with the apple logo in the middle. By then there would be a small grey icon that pops up with the "cancel" sign. (round circle with a dash going across it).




Here are my steps for installation

-Edited BIOS, turned off AHCI, and changed S-ATA mode from legacy IDE to Native

-Put in Burnt Leopord Kalyway DVD, loaded up fine.

-Formated my Harddrive, renamed to "MACONE" and made sure it was the master boot record

-Went for the custom options, choose option for both vanilla and the Fix for it.

-Also choose NBR_EFI emulation rather than GUID

-Started installation, skipped verification of leopord DVD. Installed 100 percent fine.

-Restarted my computer, with out the DVD, and BAM!, the computer freezes at the grey apple screen like in the image attached.


Any one have any solutions in solving this problem? Did I do something wrong during my installation? I have tried searching for the solution here on the forum but could no find something that works.



Thanks in advance,



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