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mach reboot and IOFireWireFamily.kext


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hey guys,


i am running leo 10.5.1 on a tyan k8we with two opterons 885.


actually i just wanted to fix the firewire error "bla bla unable to determine security mode...setting to full secure" by installing the older IOFireWireFamily.kext from the 10.4.9 version.

however, after installing, it had hit two birds with one stone, cuz the mach reboot issue has disappeared as well and now i dont have to always wait for 20 seconds anymore before it finally reboots. :D


however, there is two more questions arising from that which are:


is mach reboot then really connected to a kernel issue with sse2/sse3 only?, since my opteron supports both, sse2 and sse3 anyways. in "about this mac" my processors are not recognized, where i am not sure if that is normal since i am running it on a hackintosh?


and also, i thought by installing the older kext my firewire would start working just like my usb ports worked after installing the older usbfamily.kext (10.4.6 or 7?)and throwing in the patched pcgenusbehci.kext by orbyte. but when connecting my macbook and holding down T during boot it wont show up on the hackintosh? any ideas? in system profiler it says my firewire is working but actual testing tells me something different. :wacko:


thx in advance,



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