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Unable to Install Mac OS X x86 10.5 Leopard!


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Dear guys,


I've downloaded Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (ToH_x86_9A581_RC2.iso) to install on my laptop. Unfortunately, the installation was interrupted! I was stuck at here:


MAC Framework successfully initialized


Using 1310 buffer headers and 1310 cluster IO buffer headers




At first, I think the problem is that I plug my flash disk. After unplugging the flash disk, and restart my computer, the problem still occurs! Here is my spec.:


Laptop: ASUS A3G


Processor: Intel Pentium M 1.70 GHz, which supports MMX, SSE, SSE2


Memory: 256MB


Graphics Card: ATI RADEON MOBILITY 9600/9700 Series


HD: IBM 60GB, Model: IC25N060ATMR04-0


USB: USB 2.0 X4 ports




Intel PRO 2200BG 802.11b/g … This is wireless adapter


Realtek 8139 … This is built-in Ethernet


AC97 Modem


Multimedia: Realtek AC97 Audio


CD/DVD Drive: Mat{censored}a UJDA760 DVD/CDRW


FireWire is built-in




Actually, I've installed two OS on my laptop. One is Win XP MCE, and the other one is Mac OS X x86 10.4.11. I think the problem is on my disk partition, but I don't know what to do on my partition. Also, I didn't remove Mac OS X 10.4.11 and Win XP MCE. I just want to "replace" 10.4 OS X because someone told me that Leopard x86 supports upgrade function. Here is more info about my disk partition:




Partition 1 (Hidden): UNABLE TO USE! This partition is for recovery use. The manufacturer creates it. It will recover my Win XP.


Partition 2: Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005


Partition 3: Data disk, store my files


Partition 4 (Active): Mac OS X x86 10.4.11


After lots of Googling, I think the problem is at ACPI, but I don't know how to solve the problem.(Even though I read lots of article about this... It's too hard for me to understand those articles.)



By the way, I heard someone said that ToH_x86_9A581_RC2.iso may not allow users to install. Is that the truth? If that's the case, I'd better download another new image file.




Can someone tell me how to do? I really want to install Mac OS X x86 10.5 on my laptop. Thanks!

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