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Internet Problem (No internet)


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Hello friends, I almost have a completely working Leopard installation on my computer, I just got sound working, and I'm moving onto the last problem.


The internet.


I have a router which broadcasts a LAN, and my Desktop is wired anyways, (it is a linksys router). So, my card for my computer is this: 82566DC Gigabit Network Connection


Now, however, I can't get anything to work in OS X. OS X won't find my Network card, and so it won't find my LAN to connect to the internet. So, I'm really at a loss here. Perhaps I have just missed something obvious... if so tell me.


I installed Kalyway's 10.5 DVD, with the Vanilla Kernel, EFI and MBR, if you need more computer specs than ask, but I think you just need the kernek and what my network card is. SO, any ideas? Last problem to go!

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