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New install freezes on reboot


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I just installed OSX86 onto my dell optiplex GX270 using this iso:

Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2].iso


I erased the entire harddrive using the disk utitlity and let OSX install to the drive... i selected most of the options given to me at the time except for ATI support and AMD support (i have an intel chipset)The install went just fine but when i reboot i get to a gray screen with the apple logo and the "cursor" spins for a bit then just freezes... a few seconds later some music plays for a while, then some dudes voice tells me about something and then nothing happens... im still stuck at the same screen




the last thing i see when i boot with "-v" is "no airport driver found"

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as for hardware... just w/e is on board on the mobo... its an intel CPU and an intel GPU


as for install choices i thought i pretty much covered what i installed... everything but ATI and AMD support (i left those boxes empty)


obviously im willing to provide you whatever info you need if your willing to clarify what it is you need


thanks for the reply

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as for hardware... just w/e is on board on the mobo


Well, ok, answer me this:

If you don't know SPECIFICALLY what is in your computer how can you hope to install an operating system successfully?


Each, and every, check box you check off installs something, if you install wrong, be it too much, too little, or just miss the mark entirely, this isn't going to work.

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I got this using a DSL Live CD


LAN: Intel 82540EM Gigabit

MOUSE: MS Wheel Optical


VIDEO: INTEL 82865G Integrated




im going to reinstall obviously... and im sitting at the options... heres what ive checked off


-essential system software (default cant uncheck)

-printer drivers


-language translations (default cant uncheck)

-JaS Intel 10.4.8 ATA kexts included


i left everything else unchecked...

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