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Blinking underscore when trying to install/boot with patched brazilmac DVD


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;) Hey,


I have succesfully installed the Tiger 10.4.8  OSX on the following specs:


Q6600   @ 2.4 ghz

P5k Deluxe motherboard

Jmicron Sata Chipset etc

Nvidia 8600GTS



The problem I am having is after I patch the DVD and burn it within Tiger OSX the actual DVD does not load up when trying to reboot to install Leopard. I have verified the DVD and it says it is fine.


The first time before I rebooted, the DVD was detected in Tiger OSX as the "Mac OSX Installer" or something along those lines. However,after a reboot it no longer shows up in Tiger OSX and more importantly, I just get a blinking underscore when attempting to install Leopard.


I doubt it is something to do with the Jmicron controller (i successfully got Tiger running on the same chipset)


Could it be possible that the DVD is just not bootable?


The jist of this post:


I get blinking underscore when attempting to install leopard.


Any help would be appreciated,

Thank you.

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