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Successful installation Pentium D


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Heres my specs on an older system I have running here with XP SP installed: and now osX 10.5.1 (Halyway)


Msi 865g Mainboard with 120 gbSata HD

and 80gb ata


Socket 475 Intel Celeron 2.4ghz


onboard Cmedia Ac97 5.1 audio


onboard Intel video disabled


Forza Gf 6200a Nvidia 256 agp card


I gb ddr2 ram


Everything running smoothly except for the TV out issue I have, heres a link to that post:




Installed initially with a Sapphire 9550 agp 256 card but gave up with only getting software vga.


Network installed and working out of the box, found my other computer on the lan no problems and no settings to make. Internet too.Sound initially only 2 channel and no inputs with 10.5, not with 10.5.1 I have inputs as well. Still no 5 channel though.


Highest rating I've had with Xbench is a 55, not bad maybe considering the age of the card and that Celeron Pentium D's are {censored}.


Really digging the Leopard though, its pretty cool. Love to get this tv out thing working again.Was pretty slick.


Been mostly a pc man after the Amigas went {censored} up, anybody remember them? Didn't like the Macs much in college, couldn't get over that 1 button mouse! That and NTworkstation was pretty solid and could use a 2nd cpu.


Always like some of the software on the Mac though., I-tunes, I-movie, Final Cut pro, garageband etc.Leopard is really looking interesting these days..I don't have Vista installed here yet and not sure if I will..


I haven't had this much fun with my pc for awhile now, maybe since I built that Bp6 dual celeron...those were the days!


Thinking of a quad core pci-e OsX86 now..any suggestions on a fully recognized pci-e card lemme know!


Thanks to all the guys working on this!


Awesome job. Really awesome. Keep it up

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