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Hack without a Mac


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Ok I need a really wiz on this one, uneasysilence wrote:


You will also need to download a patched SSE2 kernel. When thats downloaded, unzip it on your desktop.


Open up terminal and type:

sudo hdiutil attach -readwrite $path_to_patch_dvd -owners on


Where $path_to_patch_dvd is the location of the actual ISO on your desktop. The terminal will prompt you for a password, enter your user password.


Then the ISO will mount in read/write mode. Drag the SSE2 mach_kernel you downloaded before to the ISO and replace the existing file. Eject the mounted volume and burn to DVD.


This will then create a SSE2 compliant Leopard DVD.


And I was stupid enough to use a different, (because this one is for eee701, but I think the same applies for me)


I've made the brazilmac disc on a mac without adding this part, now I don't have access to a mac can I use windows or linux to do this part.


Do you need a mac to make a mac what a paradox

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