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[RESOLVED] Can't Boot without DVD


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I remember seeing a topic similar somewhere but I couldn't find it so appologies. :P


I've just downloaded a copy of "ToH_x86_9A581_RC2.iso" and it installed YAY! ;)


I couldn't be bothered to mess with MBR's and Grub etc so I shoved and 160gb ATA hardrive in my PC and used the inbuilt "Hardrive Selector Bootloader" which worked in the past.


However now when I select to boot to the ATA hardrive I get a flashing _ like cursor and it sits there doing nothing?


In order to boot into Leopard I have to Leave the DVD in the Drive for it to boot up?


This is rather irritating. Does anyone have any an idea what's going on?


My Computer Spec:


Processor : Intel Pentium D

Frequency : 2666 MHz

Manufacturer : Packard Bell NEC


Bios : Phoenix Technologies, LTD

Chipset : ATI RS400/RC400/RC410

Physical Memory : 2048 MB DDR2-SDRAM


Also, does anyone here use a Wireless Network Card RT2500 chipset with Leopard here?


Thanks very much.

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