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Tiger Hackintosh, networking with a Leopard Macbook Pro


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Is it normal for Tiger/Leopard to not just "work" together for networking? Or could this be because of a Hackintosh/genuine compatibility issue? Or could it be because I am running Tiger 10.4.9 instead of 10.4.10/10.4.11??


I have file sharing on for both; SMB file sharing on for Windows; printer sharing on for both. I'm pretty sure I have the firewall set correctly - it says allows filesharing. From "hackintosh" Tiger and Windows, I can see my MBP, however, I cannot login into it or even see any shared drives or folders. From "real" Leopard, I can't even see Tiger or Windows. When I go to the network area, nothing even shows up. When I try to add a printer, I can't see anything.


Grrr... what happen to "it just works"? Any help/ideas?

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