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Black screen of death


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I've tried all options regarding commands in Terminal to get my screen to show Mac OS. I actually got it working, went through all the registration, got a blue screen for 20 mins, for the wavy blue home screen and had to reboot after 40 mins. When I rebooted, it went back to the black screen.


I will show you some of the commands I've typed in. I assume you just type them, reboot and it should work. I've attached a picture that shows my attempt.


Is this even worth all the effort? Is there a way to get Leopard installed before X 10.4.8? Could I just buy the Leopard OS disc and install it onto my HD? I have the OS backed up on my firewire external HD from when I owned and Intel iMac, can I transfer the files to the new internal 500 GB drive and then it will boot? Will that require having a working version of MacDrive?


Sorry for all the questions. I want this to work, but if it's going to be slow and more of cool factor than actually having a fully functional Mac OS then I don't know if it's worth it. I am doing all of this on a blank Seagate 500 GB Sata drive. So I don't care what happens to it now.



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