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Emo Mac os X Tiger?


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Hi, I'm new, so please be kind to me.


I tried to install Leopard, but i just got the apple logo and the gray spinning circle. So I figured i might as well try Tiger.

Found this guide http://osx86.thefreesuite.com/tiger_amd.php and has done everything in the right order. I used this ISO Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2] and burned it to a DVD-R. Cleared my Mac OS partition and installed it without problems. Installing no printer drivers, and AMD patch and TITAN for Nvidia and support for most hard-ware.


But when i booted up after installing, i got the famous Please restart message in four languages. I searched the forums and found a way. hit F8, chose -v -s options and went to shell. Changed to writable files and manually deleted the geforce.kext folder and all folders starting with NVD*.kext in the /system/library/extensions in the root install folder for mac osx.


But now, when i boot. I get the apple logo and the welcome video ERN! I get the Welcome video sound ONLY! Apple logo freezes. And i hear the welcome video. But after the sound has stopped after a very long fade, nothing happens.


Can someone plz help me?



AMD Athlon 64 processor (SSE3 compatible)

3.5k RAm and a 300gb ATA disk.

GeForce 6800GS graphics card.

My motherboard is MSi, i think. It has the AWARDBIOS from phoenix... (hope that helps)

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