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10.4.5 disk mount problem


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I'm trying to install Mac OS x86 10.4.5 on my laptop but i couldn't succeed.I have a SATA hard drive(It is 160 GB but it seems 128 GB on installation screen.I use it as 150 GB on Windows.As a result 22 GB is lost :unsure: ).It has 3 partitions:50 GB NTFS(disk0s1 -> primary),59 GB NTFS(disk0s5 -> first extended part),19 GB Mac OS Extended Journaled(disk0s6 -> second extended part).


I use disk utility while installation.I select disk0s6 partition and press erase.It says it is erasing and then mounting.After erasing,I return to installation window but there is no disk partition mounted.I tried to mount it with the command "mount /dev/disk0s6 /Volumes/MacOSx86"(I have created MacOSx86 folder myself).This time i get "Incorrect super block" error.


Do you have any ideas to solve this problem?

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