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Can't create users in System Preferences


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I just installed ToH Leopard with sse2 kernel and applied this patch to overcome the infinite loop in the setup wizard.


Once done that, Leopard starts great and i'm able to login with the root account, but once in System Preferences, i want to add a user called "esteban", i complete all the info and when a press "Create Account" nothing happens, the user is not added and this is what i found in /var/log/system.log



Feb 4 00:29:03 administrators-acpi System Preferences[223]: mbr_group_name_to_uuid failed with err=2

Feb 4 00:29:30: --- last message repeated 8 times ---

Feb 4 00:29:30 administrators-acpi System Preferences[223]: ### Error:-14135 File:/SourceCache/Admin/Admin-423/DSRecord.m Line:417

Feb 4 00:29:30 administrators-acpi System Preferences[223]: ### Error:-14136 File:/SourceCache/Admin/Admin-423/DSRecord.m Line:132

Feb 4 00:29:30 administrators-acpi [0x0-0x1a01a].com.apple.systempreferences[223]: chmod: Unable to translate 'esteban' to a UID/GID

Feb 4 00:29:30 administrators-acpi DirectoryTools[228]: chmod +a failed with 1

Feb 4 00:29:30 administrators-acpi [0x0-0x1a01a].com.apple.systempreferences[223]: 2008-02-04 00:29:30.968 DirectoryTools[228:10b] chmod +a failed with 1

Feb 4 00:29:31 administrators-acpi /System/Library/CoreServices/coreservicesd[60]: SFLSharePointsEntry::CreateDSRecord: dsCreateRecordAndOpen(esteban's Public Folder) returned -14135


Someone knows anything about it ?



Thanks in advance

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