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Network transfer all of a sudden very slow


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I've recently installed OSx86 on one of the disks on my Windows XP machine (server, I guess).


Because it's a server, and one that runs (ran) Windows, all of the data is on NTFS volumes. I have MacFUSE and NTFS-3G installed and I can access the drives with full R/W support, no problems.




The drives appear to OS X as network volumes, even though the 'network paths' start with file://localhost/Volumes (owtte)


This means I can't share them to any of my Macs or PCs over my network just through OS X's built in sharing capabilities.


I'm using SharePoints to share the volumes at the moment, but it's working very, very slowly - not enough bandwidth to watch a video over my WLAN.


I have Parallels installed, and thought that maybe it would be faster to attach the drives straight to the Parallels install - bypass OS X altogether and thus remove MacFUSE as a potential bottleneck, as of course Windows XP has built-in NTFS support (duh!)


I've never had any problems streaming video from my WXP install on the same machine to my other machines on my network - it seems that it's just working unnaturally slowly and I'm not sure why.


[i've posted this in a couple of other sections as this problem could be coming from a few different sources]

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