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Please Help Me, Boot Issue


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Please help me my install of Kalyway Leopard has not worked!


My System is as follows!


Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-81945g-Pro (Intel 945g Chipset)

CPU: Intel Pentium D 930

Graphics: Gigabyte GeForce 7600GT

SATA Hard Drive


D-Link Wireless Card

1 gig dual channal ram!



I Installed the leopard disk but when i boot it just gets stuck at the bios boot screen!



Help would be greatly appreciated.

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if you would search for this topic, you would realize that this problem isn't solved for today..

i get the same error on both of my pc's (both pentium with SSE2 only)


if you'll find something working -let me know..

i tried 5 versions of hackintosh, all without any success ;)


thread for this prob

(in hope that someone posts a successlful installation)

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