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[Solved] Why can't I see my OSX partition from Darwin?


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It's been since Leopard launch and later hack that I was thinking of trying it on my computer just to evaluate the future purchase of a real Mac.


I thought I have read enough guides, howtos and information related to the different releases... but there must be something I'm doing wrong :P


All I want to do is install OSX in a 20GB HD I don't use for anything else and to setup a triple boot XP/VISTA/OSX (Vista and XP are already installed in another HD). So I format the entire disk with the Disk Utility and select the patches I think I need. The problem is that when installation is complete and the computer restarts, it boots from the dvd and darwin only shows one entry: the setup DVD. If everything had gone well, I should see the partition in which OSX was installed, shouldn't I? This is basically all what I get after trying iATKOS, iATKOSr2 and Kalyway...


Moreover, I have already setup the vista bootloader for booting OSX and when I select it a "Chain booting error" message appears...


Do I have to check any bootloader in iATKOS or Kalyway in order to make the OSX partition "visible"?

At this point I am, an incorrect selection of drivers wouldn't affect, would it?


I have spent all the day reading posts and reformating, so I'm a little desperate just right now (although I think with your help I'll finish succeeding :) )


My hardware is:

Celeron D 330 (SS3)

Motherboard with 865PE + ICH5

Nvidia 6600GT AGP

4 IDE HDs (1 for Windows, 1 for OSX, 2 for data)

Atheros wifi PCI card



Thanks in advance :P



PS: I'm not english but I hope everything is clear enough :)

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Ok, well, I'm not a Linux guru, but I think that in order for Linux to see your Mac partition, it needs to be in FAT32. This format is pretty standard for most operating systems. I would make an HFS+ Journaled partition for your Mac installation and then make a shared partition in FAT32. You should then be able to see your partition from Windows, Linux and Mac.

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Thanks pcmantinker, that will be useful later. At this moment, the problem I have is that I haven't a working (or at least bootable) leopard installation so I can't share data between windows and it.


I have tried changing my bios settings to boot directly from the leopard HD but in this case the computer doesn't boot. I doesn't load any OS nor show any error message.


Any other suggestion? Thanks

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Problem solved!!


I reinstalled Kalyway with the drivers for my graphics and sound card and deselecting bootloaders.

After the installation finished, I followed this guide http://www.digitmemo.com/articles/658/howt...ot-setup-guide/ and applied the Bootfix patch. And that's all! The configuration I had made in the Vista bootloader for the previous installations worked perfectly!


Now I have to make my wifi work and I'll be really happy :)

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