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Dell latitude d610 (working)- Kalyways 10.5.1


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So after endless hours trying to figure out why 9/10 times i could get kalyways 10.5.1 to install, i've figured it out.


This is for the Dell Latitude D610 that has the onboard intel video.


1.) download a copy of either part magic or gtparted (live eval cd)

2.) format the hdd as unformated

3.) save changes and shutdown.


4.) now you'll want to do the paper clip trick for the external vga port on the laptop.



"if you don't want to use the paperclip trick, you'll have to have a external monitor plugged in."


5.) Now turn on the laptop and hit f8 on dvd boot message.

6.) Now os 10 lep should boot "note if you do not have the paperclip trick or other monitor installed the system will hang on a blue screen.

7.) Using the diskutil application to format the drive.

8.) Now once your done labeling the drive and formating.

9.) Install .... System should reboot keep the DVD in the drive and don't press anything when you get the option to hit F8 etc.. just let the system time out. Then everything should be fine, and your system will boot into OS 10



the reason i wrote this how to, is so nobody else will need to waste such time on trail and error.

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