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BIOS boot issue


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Hey guys I finally got the Kalyway install disk to intsall on a GUID partioned HD.

I was having the problem before of after the install to boot up OSX. My pc would go to the kernal or boot loader and then restart. Someone told me to search not booting w/o DVD. I searched this and found a thread on making the "Partition Active" (through the terminal using fdisk). I was SUCCESSFULLY able to set the partion to active and followed the directions to restart and take out the install disk to get to terminal. Now my pc recognizes the OS. It goes through the normal searching for IDE devices and what not like when i boot XP (XP and OSX are on separate HDs).


Basically it says IDE 1 found but no 80 cable. Then it goes through and shows the connected devices. It says IDE 1 Master: NONE

IDE Slave: NONe

IDE 2 Master: Optical drive 33 (dvd drive one)

IDE 2 Slave : Optical drive 66 (dvd drive two)

It also prompts me for a disc to boot from becuase it is not now detecting the IDE Master (Hd with OSX Partition. It did detect before setting partition to active)


Do you guys have any suggestions on how to get the computer to recognize the drive and allow me to boot into OSX Leo after I have set the partition to active? (maybe a BIOS issue?)


Any feed back or advice will be greatly appreciated!

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