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Cannot Boot


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I tried getting the 2600 thing yesterday, heres whats happening.


After the Apple logo goes away, the screen fades then changes the resolution from 1024x768 60hz (like it usually is w/out drivers) to 1024x768 75hz, do I figured it working.



All there is is a blue screen with my cursor. When I press the power button on the computer I can see my desktop and everything else then the screen goes away, my stand-by never works, it just turns the screen off, the light blinks, then everything stays on.


So, what should I do. This has been the second time this has happened and there has to be a way to fix it...also at the time I had another monitor (my TV) connected via S-Video. I haven't tried booting without it plugged in, i'll try it when I get home.


Any suggestions?

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