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iATKOs 1.0i fails to boot properly


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Hi there people,


I need some help with my problem.


My Problem: I have an Acer Ferrari 4003 WLMi (AMD 64-bit with Ati Chipset and Ati X700 mobility). I insert the DVD in the drive, it boots, i see some lines cross the screen like 'HFS + something transferred blah blah' and then all of a sudden the laptop restarts. It doesnt even reach the installation screen, there is no grey apple screen, it just restarts.


P.S- I'm using iATKOS 1.0i. When i get the time, i might try the macnub release for x200 chipsets.


I have tried JaS 10.4.8 as well, but that gives me a "Still waiting for root device" message.


I would really appreciate it if someone could help me resolve my problem.


EDIT: SORRY FOR REPOST, some error occured with the flooding system. Please delete this thread.

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