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Kalyway 10.5.1 on Asus P5W DH DELUXE - Error


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Hello all...


After several days trying to boot to Leopard without success, I wanted to ask for help in this forum.

Here are my specs:

Asus P5W DH Deluxe Motherboard - 2602 BIOS.

2 GB of Corsair Dominator RAM.

250 GB Sata Hard Drive.

Pioneer DVD Drive - IDE (Connected to Intel controller on Asus motherboard).

ATI Radeon X1650 Pro PciE video card.


I installed Kalyway 10.5.1 SSE2 SSE3 DVD from my DVD Drive. Formatted my drive using both GUID and MBR. I have installed KALYWAY with AND without the Vanilla Kernel Option, and always selecting the right kind of bootloader (GUI or MBR in each case).

After setup finishes (without any errors), I remove the DVD from the drive and reboot. Then, after rebooting, the computer just freezes at the gray Apple Logo. I removed all other hardware from my PC, tried with several BIOS settings found on the net, to no avail.

Right now, my BIOS Settings include: Execute disable function on enable - Max cpuid on enable - hpet on enable - Memory remap feature on enable - Microcode updation on enable - ACPI 2 support on yes - ACPI APIC support on enable. I read somewhere else that those are the correct BIOS settings.


Does the kalyway DVD require any other steps after installation? I would like to be able to use Vanilla Kernel, because as far as I know that gives me a native and updateable Mac Install, right?


Please, if anyone can help I would appreciate it very much. I am not so good with linux and certainly I have tried everything I know to make it work. Please HELP!

Thanks in advance.... Falkenhagen.

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First thing you want to do is boot in verbose mode using the "-v" trigger when starting your machine. That way it will show whatever kernel panics you're having and help the community single out your problem.

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When I boot in verbrose mode everyting seems normal - no kernel panic whatsoever.

The last lines in verbrose mode say that I have no index for Directory Service or something like that. The other thing that catches my eye is how the NATIT ATI drivers initiates several times (same text like 4 or 5 times), but I do not know if that is its normal behavior. After that it just says that it will start with the login window, and it freezes.

At first I thought it was the Vanilla Kernel option but, after installing the OS without Vanilla Kernel, it still freezes.

Please help me. This is very frustrating. I got a new hard drive just for this and it won't boot. I read everywhere that my Motherboard is well supported but still haven't been able to open Leopard. Any help is appreciated.

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Tweak41, yes, as a matter of fact I tried that this morning. I am still lost as there are no kernel panics or anything else to detect what the problem may be.

Donstil, maybe I will try downloading that particular build. Does it have the option to install with unmodified (Vanilla) kernel also?


Do you guys know if after installing KALYWAY I need to do anything else with dsmos or EFI? I am just installing the OS and doing nothing afterwards. Am I missing any steps?


Thank you guys... if there is anything else you can help me with, or point my troubleshooting to, I would appreciate it.

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hello i also have the P5W DH Deluxe 2602 bios and i have the same problem.The only difference is that i installed the Kalyway on an external usb 2.5'' 40gb disk.It installs without a problem but when i reboot after a few seconds it stucks on the white screen with the grey apple.At the same time,the two internal disks are shutting down.


My specs

Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4Ghz

2x1gb Supertalent 800

2x 200gb Western Digital on raid0


Dvd Nec on IDE

And because i dont know where to look,here is a pic after the -v option.





If there is any help i would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

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I tried typing after F8 ''vanilla'' in the start of the installation and then i did NOT checked the vanilla into the customized install and it worked....almost.This time i can hear the music intro and the narator but the screen still remains on the grey aple.Is it the vga drivers?.I have the ATI HD3870.On the first install i checked both ati drivers while in a second install i choose only one,but no luck.I can take it any more.I have made about 20 installations.HELP !

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