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Boots only with cd


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Hi. I'm trying to dualboot mac on my vista computer. After I'm done installing, mac will only boot up if the cd is in the drive. Otherwise it goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor in the top left. I previously installed chain0 (and dont know how to get rid of it), if that could be causing the problem. Could someone help? thanks


Intel® Core2 Duo CPU T7300 @2.00GHz

NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M

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Install leopard, then boot into Windows and use Acronis Disk Director Suite, then convert leopard partition to 'Primary', then set the Leopard partition as active, then in BIOS boot from the Leopard hard disk, then it should be OK.


Been there, done that.

That ends up not being the prob. The prob it turns out is the 1st sector of the disk is data damaged. Simply use the disk utility to run 0's. You can cancel after a minute or 2. Then repartition and re-install.


This is also confirmed by Dune31 (-DUNE-)


Just found this This is what you get without the DVD inserted. Should work


QUOTE(Dune31 @ Dec 23 2007, 11:19 PM) *For those with "blinking cursor" at boot.this is due to a damaged first sector on your HD (don't worry it isn't physical)I recomand you to erase the disk with zero(with diskutil). No need to wait to the end, just the first sector of the diskneed to be erased. after that , redo your partitions whatever GUID or MBR, and reinstall.Just found this This is what you get without the DVD inserted. Should work

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Boot With Vista Install CD

Choose Language

Select Repair your Computer

Your Vista Instalation will probley not be in this list clisk Next

Now Select Command Prompt


For Example My Vista Disk 0 partition is 1

OS X Disk 0 Partition 2

Type Diskpart

Type list disk

Type Select Disk 0

Type List Partition

Type Select Partition 1

Type Set Active

Type Exit "twice"


Now Click "X" in the upper Right Corner


Now Select Repair your Computer


The utility should detect the Problem and offer to automaticaly repair


Allow to restart


Your Vista boot loader should apperar

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