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Problems Exiting and booting


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Dear users



After buying a Macbook and larning to work with leopard i want to try Leopard for home use


so i installerd the Iaktos withbootloader on my pc


Its a

Asus P5WDH Deluxe


7600gt/8800gt (now 7600gt for problems with 8800gt)


and 160gig sata (raid0 when i fix my problems)


Everyting works

Lan/CPU/1680x1050 etc


Only Booting and exiting are the problemens,

When i boot Whit out the DVDRom i get the famous blinking cursor


And when i am exiting it will close mac, only it stays on with desktop background in place


I have tried to run the TOHscript only i get a "nu such directory" error when i want to run the script.

and for the exiting problem i have no solution.



Can sambody help me ?



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