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[for sale / for trade] 10.5 Hackintosh

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this is what i have for sale. it used to run 10.5 (ToH Relase) on it but i went back to playing counterstrike and such that required a PC. i'll trade this for something like a powermac G4 or a pc laptop that can handle OSX 10.5.

Tower Specs:

-2.2GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor

-Intel i845G Motherboard

-1024Mb of Samsung Ram

-Toshiba DVD/R+RW Burner

-Ati PCI Wonder Tv Tuner Card

-Nvidia FX5500 Video card with DVI and VGA

-60GB Hitatchi Deskstar Hard Drive



-HP Jornada 540 Series Handheld

-HP Jornada Handheld Docking Station

-PS/2 Keyboard with USB Adapter

-PS/2 Mouse

-PS/2 Video Game Controller



-Windows XP Professional Edition + Legal CD-Key

-Adobe Photoshop CS3 Pre-installed ( No Disk )

-Microsoft Office 2007 Pre-installed ( No Disk )

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