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Success! Dual boot leopard/XP Pro on Lenovo x60s


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Borrowed an x60s from work to travel with because it's so small and light. The problem is that I need work's xp image, which can only be pushed down from a Norton Ghost server using the Windows PE Environment, and the Windows PE environment will only work with the whole drive -- it won't push down the image to a partition. The laptop already was running leopard, so I was sad to have to start over. Steps:


1. Boot to LAN, load Windows PE, install windows

2. Boot using Ubuntu live CD, use Gnome to create second partition.

3. Boot using kalyway 10.5.1 cd, install OSX, using vanilla kernel, MBR, no other options

4. Boot again into Ubuntu Live CD, use Gnome, manage flags, set leopard partition to boot

5. Reboot, Darwin boot loader >> F8 gives option to choose partition to boot - windows or leopard.

6. Boot windows, windows would load, but would automatically log me out when I tried to login, complaining that it couldn't find script engine VBScript Filebackup.vbs

7. Booted back into PE and reinstalled windows.

8. Booted with Ubuntu CD and set the Leopard partition back to active

9. Booted into Leopard and loaded the Azalia audio patch from http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...ost&id=6740.


Everything works great!

(except the intel 3945ABG wireless from leopard)

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