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Supported MiniITX mobo with onboard nVidia 7xxx gfx

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I have found a mobo which has fairly amazing specs for a MiniITX.


Check this aOpen mobo: http://global.aopen.com/products_detail.aspx?Auno=2624


In short, it features:

AMD cpu socket, GeForce 7-series gfx, ALC888 audio, 8xUSB2.0 etc.



However, it has a nForce630a ChipSet. I have googled my butt off trying to see if anyone has

managed to install OSX on this mobo without any luck.



So I wonder, why has nobody tried it yet ? It´s a very nice mobo with nice specs and will fit

nicely into a small casing and one can even add a PCI card to this mobo. Good thing is that it

has room for an AMD cpu instead of those slow C7 ones on the EPIA mobos.


As far as I can tell, this can be a nice card to build a small form factor hackintosh.




Can anyone share their experiences on this card or similar nVidia Chipsets ?





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That looks attractive, but in fact the onboard graphics are actually still quite slow. The geforce 7025 is not the fastest gpu in the world.


OK, the specs are good, but for OSx86, you will really struggle to install it on such unsupported hardware. You will have better results with a 945G chipset based mini-itx motherboard, and core 2 duo cpu.

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I've moved on to a intel chipset mobo now. Actually, I've ordered a brand new case with all the goodies I could find :)


1. Commell LV-677 which support socket M (479?) Core2Duo

2. CPU is a 1,83GHz T5600 FSB 677MHz

3. 2 x 1024 GB DDR2 677MHz Kingston Memory

4. GigaByte GeForce 8600GT PCI-E (yes, the LV-677 mobo has 16x PCIE onboard)

5. 500GB 7200RPM SATA Disk


All this shoudl fit nicely into the nice NExus Psile Silver casing with slot-in DVD Burner.


Seems like people has gotten the LV-677 Mobo to work okay, so I've taken the chance. It was

dead-pricy and the Psile is also a little expensive, but it's sooooo good looking. It truly meets

the design os the Leopard OS too :-) I mean, why have a ugly casing when the OS is so nice :)


Total price including everything: 11000 NOK (just above $2000).


I hope the GeForce 8600GT is an overall good card.



The nice thing about this mobo is that it has also 2 onboad minipci slots for wlan etc. And the nice is the CF slot underneath the mobo to insert a nice 8 or 16GB card so that the OS boots off from here and the 500GB disk is used to plain files like music, movies etc etc....



I can't wait to get the parts. Of course, I am aware that many things will probably make me struggle to get it working, but that's the fun part too :-)




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