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Installing OSX Leopard on DELL workstaion.


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Hey guys, I missed yall!


Okay so I'm buying this DELL workstation that is 64BIT and with 8GB RAM and 2 Intel Xeon 2.33 GHZ processor.

It has an Intel motherboard.


Once I get this computer delivered i'm *hoping that i will be able to follow this tutorial and install OSX leoaprd on it. I am scared to death that I may not be able to install it and would be stuck with windows os.



What should I watch out for?

What should I do?

Will it work on 64bit?

Has anyone done this before?

Is there a better tutorial.



Please don't ask why i'm spending $5800 on a DELL workstation and not just getting a macpro. Believe me I would, but I don't want to get into details on that for now.



So please, if you have time... Help me find out what where how and when.


Thank you, god bless! :P

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