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Dual boot and WiFi problem on Kaliway 10.5.1 and Presario C571

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Hi guys.


I'm to Hackintosh world and today I installed Kaliway's Mac OS X 10.5.1 on my Compaq Presario C571 ( common to all C5xx series ).


1. I read about 4311 wifi chip, but didn't manage to find solution.


2. I installed Mac OS X on separate partition, but now I cannot boot Vista using the boot menu - it throws me an error that winload is missing or corrupted.


Thanks in advance.



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I tried some solutions for my bcm4311 Wi-Fi card, but nothing works.

If someone get Line In/Line Out to work ?


You need to set WIN partition as Active

Seartch the forum you will find the right tutorial


by memory :-->


Boot with VISTA DVD/CD


choose repair -->

Choose comand prompt -->

at the comand prompt --> DISKPART

at the comand prompt --> LIST DISK

select your disk # at the comand prompt --> SELECT DISK #

at the comand prompt --> LIST PARTITION

slect your partition # at the comand prompt --> SELECT PARTITION #

set active you partiton at the comand prompt --> ACTIVE #


Then reboot


if you still have problem

you may need to boot with VISTA DVD/CD

en choose repair and this time vista should repair the boot

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