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Solution for Kalyway boot loop and boot hang

Kenneth M

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This is my first attempt at a hackintosh, so let me be upfront and state that I know nothing about kernels and kexts and editing patches. This is really my first mac experience ever so please forgive me if I use the wrong terminology. I just got mine to work with Kalyway, and I wanted to post my solutions to the common problems I faced.



HP Pavilion zd8000 laptop

160gb ATA Hard Drive (this was a new drive, no other OS on it)

ATI Mobility Radeon X600

Intel P4 3ghz

1Gb Ram



Kalyway 10.5.1


FIRST PROBLEM: Install failed.

This was because I was setting the partition as GUID and setting the boot loader as GUID. When I tried to install again with Partition and Boot Loader set as MBR, everything installed fine.


SECOND PROBLEM: After installation, computer reboots in a loop each time it tries to start Darwin.

This was (I believe) because I am using a P4 and not a dual core PC. To remedy this, I went to the boot options prompt and typed "tohkernel cpus=1" and then the PC would boot into the white screen with the apple logo.


THIRD PROBLEM: After booting to the white screen with the apple logo, the computer screen would go black and the hard drive would stop showing any activity. The computer would just hang at that blank screen.

To remedy this, used the Kalyway DVD to reinstall everything, but this time I selected as little as possible when customizing the install. Here is what I selected:

Both Vanilla Kernels


MBR Boot Loader

PLEASE NOTICE I did not select any video, sound or networking drivers.


After this last attempt at installing without selecting any drivers, I had success! Not only did I have success, but my internal wifi worked, my sound worked, and my video worked, although I did not have any options to adjust my screen resolution, so I know I need to find a better video driver.


Anyways, thanks for everyone else that has posted about these problems and helped me to find my own solutions.


PLEASE REMEMBER: If you encounter a problem and then figure out how to fix it, please post your solution for everyone to benefit from.

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hi guys, i'm newbie...


i tried to install win the Kalyway DVD, but when the instalation start its alway hang with the white screen. and there is no HD and DVD activity

can somebody help me


I want to install on my Acer 4540, this is the detail:

Proc : AMD Turion II X2 - M520

Memory : 1 GB

VGA : ATI Radeon HD4200

HD : 320 GB SATA

Wireless Network Card : Atheros



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